Hydraulic press from HIDRALMAC

Building hydraulic presses for over 22 years.

Top Quality Machines

Important companies from the automobile and aviation industry were among the customers of HIDRALMAC since the establishment of the company.
Therefore, complying with the high standards of those globally operating companies was of utmost importance from the beginning.

Highest Safety Requirements

Every HIDRALMAC hydraulic press is manufactured according to the German and European Machine Guidelines (2006/42/EG), the EC norms and EU safety regulations
Furthermore, all hydraulic presses accord to the national Brazilian security guideline NR 12, which is rooted in the Canadian and European safety requirements and even surpasses them in some points.

Components of Leading Manufacturers

All machines built for the European market are equipped solely with components from Bosch-Rexroth, SIEMENS and SICK.
A motivated and qualified young team – many with college degrees – designs the HIDRALMAC presses using top-notch technology.

Special Purpose Machinery Manufacture

One of HIDRALMACS biggest assets are special purpose machinery manufacture and press automation.
You can find many videos showing HIDRALMAC presses with such applications online.

HIDRALMAC- Hydraulic Press Manufacturer in Europe

HIDRALMAC has a dependency in Germany since 2015.
The distribution and service branch HIDRALMAC EUROPE GmbH, seated in Ennepetal and Gelsenkirchen, cares for the European market.

Customer Service and Support

HIDRALMAC EUROPE is taking care of customer service and spare part supply as well as obligatory safety inspections and slowing-down path controls of hydraulic presses. They also assist with moving machinery and the initial installation.

HIDRALMAC introduces itself

We, the HIDRALMAC Europe GmbH with sales points in Ennepetal and Gelsenkirchen, are the European representative for South Americas biggest producer of hydraulic presses and cutting and bending machines – the company HIDRALMAC Brasil.
Our manufacturing plants lie favourably in the central region of the state São Paulo around the city of Araraquara. More than 200 employees build around 500 to 600 hydraulic presses from 10 to 10.000 tons each year.
HIDRALMAC builds machines according to the German Machine Guideline and EU standards. The hydraulic components of the presses are supplied by Bosch-Rexroth, while the electronic parts come from SIEMENS and the security technology from SICK.
Our customers include some of the biggest South American companies, including major players of the automobile and petroleum industry. But there also lots of machines operating to the satisfaction of their buyers in Germany and the rest of Europe.
You will find a whole range of hydraulic presses with all kinds of specifications in our portfolio: Column presses, open front presses, hydraulic C-frame presses, double-sided presses, workshop presses, toggle presses, tablet presses, hose presses, vulcanizing presses, spotting presses – you name it, we build it!
We also offer additional services like security checks, risk evaluations, slowing-down path controls, moving of machinery and modernization of presses.
We gladly show you examples of our product range in our showroom in Ennepetal.

  • Business Area

    Custom-tailored hydraulic presses, trimming presses and rotary jars at surprisingly low prices.

  • General Principle

    We want to earn our customers trust with attentiveness in every business area, so that they gladly recommend our products and services. We want to build a profitable enterprise for our partners and customers, that continually increases its market share and does it part for the socio-economic advancement of the society.


    We want to become the market leader through quality, competitiveness, and technology.

  • Values

    • Transparency and honesty in all business ventures.
    • Innovation in design.
    • Discipline and passion for our work.
    • Respect and mindfulness for our customers and employees.

Our Partners