For deforming large components

HIDRALMAC PH HAMBURGUEIRA heating press is used for forming and pressing large components, like head-liners for cars, boot trays and trunk trims. The sheet or roller material is inserted via wheels. Hot steam or electric heating units heat and deform the material. Afterwards, the material is expulsed vie Teflon rollers.

PH HAMBURGUEIRA based on a typical 4-column press

HIDRALMAC PH HAMBURGUEIRA heating press is based on a typical 4-column press. The ram is guided through four induction hardened, chrome trimmed columns. The linear guidance of the ram consists of greased bronze slide sleeves. Due to this design the ram does not tilt and it can be guided very precisely. Full hydraulic equipment is delivered by BOSCH/REXROTH, control and electric components delivered by SIEMENS and we got all of our safety equipment from SICK.

Basic equipment of the PH HAMBURGUEIRA includes:

  • linear measurement device
  • SIEMENS PLC S7 1200, 1300 or 1500 control with
  • SIEMENS 9-inch touchscreen monitor
  • USB port for data transmission
  • Remote control for remote maintenance
  • Oil cooling

Some HIDRALMAC PH HAMBURGUEIRA heating press production examples:
vehicle interior panelling, boot trays, trims, sound insulating elements

[youtube gg98pYQrSaI]

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