Originally trading and maintaining components and accessories of hydraulic units HIDRALMAC was founded in Araraquara-SP in 1993. The company started to manufacture their own hydraulic presses and constantly expanded its product range to meet the requirements and growing demand in the press market. HIDRALMAC succeed in gaining important customers and hence, invested in technology and business expansion. In 2003 PHCD (hydraulic press double c-type) was launched. This type of press swiftly became the flagship of the company and gained strong acceptance on the South American market. PHCD was presented on important trade fairs for cutting and forming (2003) and mechanics (2004). HIDRALMAC achieved impressive results on the last trade fair with selling 30 presses to Mexican customers.

Today, 21 years later, HIDRALMAC’s production space has an area of 40.000 m² available, of which 20.000 m² are covered. The company has an output of 80 machines per month and owns lots of heavy and light-weight machine tools. 200 employees work for HIDRALMAC. The company successfully delivered more than 4 000 machines to Latin and Central America as well as Europe. That number represents our quality and ability to innovate.

HIDRALMAC presents itself every year on the big national and international trade fairs. For example, Feimafe, Schneiden und Umformen, Euromold, Mechanik, EuroBLECH, Blechexpo.

HIDRALMAC offers customers the opportunity to visit on open house presentations twice a year.

HIDRALMAC shareholders Ms Sylvia Simões, Mr José Francisco Simôes and Mr Roberto Santos constitute the board of management. In 2014 HIDRALMAC initiated a further professionalization process. Diego Teixeira started managing the company in July 2014 and represents HIDRALMAC as chairmen of the board.

HIDRALMAC today is one of the major manufacturers for cutting and metal forming machins in Latin America. Due to its wide product range of serial and tailor-made models and due to its technology and know-how HIDRALMAC provides the best solutions for the market.

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