High quality hydraulic presses with an attractive price

HIDRALMAC offers a variety of different hydraulic presses for trade and industry. Every type of press can be customized and expanded in order to adjust the products exactly to your requirements. You will find Column Presses and C-Frame presses in our product catalog that we offer as open front models or extremely productive Double Sided C-Frame Presses. This is a unique variation that enables two spots for pressing with only one control and hydraulic system which reduces space and maintenance costs. Whenever you need more power you can use HIDRALMAC Double Sided Presses built for your individual specifications with up to 10,000 tons press capacity.

HIDRALMAC hydraulic presses offer different kinds of performance, versatile configurations, and are available as floor or table model variations. Column and C-Frame Presses also serve as basis for our Tryout and Heat Presses. The workshop press is entirely produced at customer request. This press stands out for its many specialties and useful details. Another individual solution for you are our Special Presses for a wide section of fields – special purpose machinery manufacture and press automation are one of our biggest assets!

Contact us for individual consulting about our hydraulic presses and specification opportunities. We generate individual quotes for each customer.