Our service technicians are highly qualified and trained specialists.

After Sales Services

After sales we offer full service like security checks, risk evaluations, slowing-down path controls, moving of machinery and modernization of presses.
Spare Parts
Of course we offer spare parts for all HIDRALMAC machines. Just contact us!

Technical Delivery and Training of Hydraulic Presses

Our employees are trained in the technical delivery of presses, bending and cutting machines. They are familiar with the newest technology and can train our customers thoroughly. Among others, the following services are available:

  • Actuator repair
  • CNC (ESAutomotion, Delem)
  • SPS (Siemens, ABB, Allen-Bradley and WEG)
  • Hydraulic blocks with monitored valves (Bosch/Rexroth and ATOS Hydraulic)
  • Hydraulic blocks with monitored proportional valves (Bosch/Rexroth and ATOS Hydraulic)
  • Hydraulic blocks with monitored servo valves (Bosch/Rexroth and ATOS Hydraulic)
  • Adjustment of hydraulic valves as counterweights, sequencers, security valves and pressure relief valves.

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