HIDRALMAC special presses

HIDRALMAC also manufactures special-purpose solutions for a wide selection of fields, including horizontal presses, extrusion presses for aluminium industry, oversize machines or presses with electromagnetic cylinders. We take careful note of your requirements and manufacture a press exactly according to your specifications!

Here are some examples:

Hydraulic pipe straightening press 600 tons

Custom-made hydraulic straightening press

This pipe straightening press (horizontal press) for pipes up to 12000 mm length and 800 mm diameter was designed for a plant and pipeline construction company.

This press straightens pipes with 600 tons of force. Material is moved and turned by servo motors. Noise suppression and labour protection is given through a special casing around motor and pump. Permanent cooling is realised by electric oil cooling. Full hydraulic equipment is delivered by BOSCH REXROTH, control and electric components by SIEMENS.

Parameters can be selected and applied using a SIEMENS S7 1500 touchscreen control on a 15-inch monitor.

The construction lifts the different pipe diameters right into the press centre.

Straightening tools can be changed easily using a crane.

The HIDRALMAC Catalogue

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