4-column press PH4CJ mint and medal press

Produces precise coins, medals and jewellery.

Compact design and short stroke movements characterize the 4-column press PH4CJ for mint and medal production. Generally circular blanks and sheets are processed within mint and jewellery manufacture. Hence only little press space and short travelling distance are necessary. Our customers value easy access, high precision and bright illumination.

HIDRALMAC mint and medal press meets all the requirements for effective and precise processing of precious materials.

Mint presses are used in processing of jewellery and giftware as well as by artisans. Presses can be used for both piece and series production. Therefore, you are able to seasonally adapt the press to your needs.

Some applications of PH4CJ mint presses include:

HIDRALMAC mint and medal press is suited for stamping, die cutting and deburring of coins, medals, jewellery, promotional items and much more. Our customers manufacture a multitude of products with this type of press, for example:

  • Votive medals
  • City arms
  • Medals
  • Christmas decorations
  • Wedding souvenirs
  • Belt buckles
  • Wall plates
  • Decorative fittings

HIDRALMAC presses are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations, the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and the standard DIN EU 693. Full hydraulic equipment of the trimming press PH4CJ mint press is delivered by BOSCH/REXROTH, control and electric components delivered by Siemens and we got all of our safety equipment from SICK.

Basic equipment of the HIDRALMAC 4-column press PH4CJ mint and medal press includes:

  • linear measurement device
  • Siemens PLC S7 1200, 1300 or 1500 control
  • Siemens 9-inch monitor
  • USB port for data transmission
  • Remote control for remote maintenance
  • Oil cooling

HIDRALMAC manufactures tailor-made presses with customer-specific size and performance from 10 up to 250 tons. It is possible to add an ejector according to your needs.

Stamping, die cutting and deburring of coins, medals, jewellery, promotional items and much more.

Product examples:
Votive medals, City arms, Medals, Christmas decorations, Wedding souvenirs, Belt buckles, Wall plates, Decorative fittings

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