C-Frame Press PHCG Rotary Table Model

The rotary table press or rotary press is manufactured based on the c-frame press. The rotary table is driven by servomotors and can be equipped with 2 to 16 component adaptors. The table enables fast loading and removal of work pieces and high production speed. The assembly process will also be more ergonomic for the operating staff because it is executed outside of the press. This machine can be adapted with ejectors and slides. Furthermore, the C-frame press PHCG rotary table model is suitable for robot assembly.

HIDRALMAC is very experienced in manufacturing these hydraulic presses. Several hundred of such machines have been manufactured over the years. These machines already work 10 to 15 years to the satisfaction of our customers. The C-frame press PHCG rotary table model is a very safe and fast working press, since the parts are removed and assembled outside of the press. The rotary disc works with an accuracy up to 0.01 mm. It is possible to insert 16 parts at the same time. Hence, these presses are ideal for the production of small parts.

Specialist in C-Frame Presses

HIDRALMAC has been successfully producing c-frame presses for more than 22 years. Some of our customers have more than 200 HIDRALMAC presses of that type in use. C-presses can be manufactured depending on customers’ requests. Tailor-made presses with customer-specific daylight, travel distance, table size, table height, ram size, speed etc. are always available.

Interior lighting, monitor control on a swivel arm, mobile bimanual, electrical oil cooling, safety light barriers from SICK, mechanical ram support and protective casing with adjustable bars on the sites (for material input) are basic equipment of the c-frame presses.

Characteristics of the C-frame model PHC:

  • Safety equipment from SICK
  • Hydraulic from BOSCH/REXROTH
  • Control and electric components from Siemens

Our standard product can be adapted with accessories to customer’s requirements:

  • Ejector
  • Deep-drawing unit
  • Panel heater
  • Material feed
  • Rotary table
  • Extendable table
  • Material chute etc.

The control can also be individually manufactured according to the customer’s needs. The standard machine includes a Siemens S7 1200, 1300 or 1500 control with a 9-inch touchscreen monitor. You can adjust the travel distance, the pressure, the stop positions and the speed via monitor. Plus, you can define the start position and the dwell time for the pressing process. A pieces counter also belongs to the control of the PHCG rotary table model.

Some possible applications of the C-frame press PHCG rotary table model:

This press is used for example for rubber processing. Inter alia for volcanizing, die cutting, stamping, forming of rubber, and rubber compound products.
Furthermore, it is perfect for metal processing, like die cutting, stamping, deburring, forming, straightening, bending, assembling, and connecting.
In powder processing the press can be used for the production of sinter filters, tablets, mineral stones, refractory insulating elements, brake linings, and ceramic components.

And there are also some application areas in processing of plastics, like die cutting, stamping, forming, connecting, assembling, and heat forming.

The hydraulic c-frame press PHCG rotary table model provides an alternative to mechanical presses. It is lightweight, fast, and efficient. Additionally, it is perfectly applicable for die cutting, bending, forming etc.

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