Hydraulic 4 Column Press PH4C Transfer

For connecting transfer materials and carrier materials by using pressure

HIDRALMAC heating press PH4C is a special form of column press. It connects transfer materials and carrier materials using heat or pressure. This column press is designed perfectly for transfer processes because of the easy access from all sides. PH4C is often used in shoe production and textile industry, but also in advertising companies.

Thanks to the open design heat can escape easily. Thus model PH4C is suited perfectly for rubber, Bakelite and thermoplastics. The 4 Column press PH4C can be used for both piece and series production. All column presses with more than 163 tons will be delivered with a maintenance balcony and a service ladder, unless our customers specify otherwise. Smaller machines will be delivered with or without these accessories on customer’s request.

The 4 Column press PH4C Transfer is manufactured in four different sizes and with press forces from 20 up to 2 000 tons depending on precise customers’ requests. In addition, presses with adapted ejectors, deep-drawing units, panel heaters or several press levels are always available. Full hydraulic equipment is delivered by BOSCH/REXROTH, control and electric components delivered by SIEMENS and we get all of our safety equipment from SICK. Presses are manufactured in accordance to EU regulations, the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and the standard DIN EU 693.

Basic equipment of the 4 Column press PH4C Transfer includes:

  • linear measurement device
  • SIEMENS PLC S7 1200, 1300 or 1500 control with
  • SIEMENS 9-inch touchscreen monitor
  • USB port for data transmission
  • Remote control for remote maintenance
  • Oil cooling

Application of PH4C Transfer

HIDRALMAC column presses are used in different sectors of metal, rubber, plastics and wood processing. This special press is often used in shoe production and textile industry, but also in advertising companies. Examples of work done with this press include: sheet metal forming, punching processes, bonding under pressure, plastic moulding, deep drawing, powder compaction

Production examples of the PH4C transfer press include:
Vehicle head-liners, boot trays, side door trims, boxes, brake linings, insulating elements, stampings, bent parts, manufacturing of fittings

The HIDRALMAC Catalogue

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