Hydraulic Press PHHP Tryout

Test the production of new products in a small line of samples

The HIDRALMAC PHHP Tryout is often used as a tool testing press. Due to the solid construction, high speed (maximum 130 mm/sec) and the efficient pump the press is suitable for small-scale production.

The upper tool – a ram plate which can move out and hinge 180 degrees out automatically – and an entirely extendable table characterise this model. The table is erectable by up to 80 degrees. A rotary table is an optional feature. The rotary table enables the tool to rotate 180 degrees for processing. Other options to suit customers’ requirements provide the installation of a wax or plastics injection unit and the installation of heating panels.

Size, equipment and performance of the PHHP Tryout

HIDRALMAC manufactures PHHP Tryout up to a table size of 3500×3500 mm. Performance ranging from 20 to 750 tons. Forces up to 1000 tons are possible in exception. The press interior is brightly illuminated. Extension zones of table and dram plate are protected by light barriers. Traverse movement is induced by either bi-manual manually via joystick or automatically via preprogramed travelling distances. Pressure, speed and travelling distances are adjustable exactly via control. Moreover, a maintenance balcony and a marine ladder are included in every machine.

Full hydraulic equipment is delivered by REXROTH, control and electric components delivered by SIEMENS and we got all of our safety equipment from SICK.

Basic equipment of the PHHP Tryout:

  • linear measurement device
  • SIEMENS PLC S7 1200, 1300 or 1500 control with
  • SIEMENS 9-inch touchscreen monitor
  • USB port for data transmission
  • Remote control for remote maintenance

Traverse movement is controlled either via joystick or via preprogramed travelling distances.
This press model enables small-scale production due to its solid construction, high speed and the efficient pump.

An injection unit can be installed optional. HIDRALMAC manufactures PHHP Tryout up to a table size of 3500×3500 mm.

Possible application:
Tool and mould construction, small-scale production.

[youtube otSUZLK_VdA]

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